The truth about music writing…

Fellow rock’n’rollers, I decided to answer a few queries and let you in on a few truths today, because I’ve been asked or told a few things lately about not only the music industry but also about what I do as a writer and why I’m releasing photos of myself on Facebook and Twitter. The usual comments are: 1. I

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Faker move forward from This Heart Attack

Fellow musicheads, Sydney band Faker have returned. Yes, they are back and leaving This Heart Attack behind. Mainly because the band is now a two-piece after shedding two of their members. Frontman Nathan Hudson gave me the lowdown on his latest foray the “Get Loved” project – comprising various elements, such as an EP, album, singles, videos and other goodies.

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Tim Burton interview – the outtakes

Hello my fellow rockers, I’m new to this WordPress thing, but I must say this site has got it going on! Today on my Facebook page – – I released the Tim Burton interview that I wrote and was published in Rolling Stone Australia. Mr Burton is one of my childhood idols and I nearly flipped when I got

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