Welcome To My Nightmare

I’m Angela Allan. Music writer for Rolling Stone Australia, Fairfax, Australian Penthouse, and formerly FHM Australia. I’m editor and founder of Soot Magazine. Part-time rocker & tambourine shaker. I’m known as Miss Soot.

In addition to music and entertainment articles and CD, book and DVD reviews, I write band and single biographies, marketing and sales pitches and plans for businesses, website content, ghostwriting, copywriting for all purposes, real estate copywriting, publicity documents and media releases. You can view these on my copywriting website here: www.madschatter.com

Member of the ARIA Voting Academy.

Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MissSoot

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Check out this vid my pal Samantha made to promote mascaraandmonsters.com

Welcome to my Nightmare! I know you’re gonna love it… Just like my Billion Dollar Baby here, which I snapped backstage on Alice Cooper’s 2011 No More Mr Nice Guy tour. It belongs to¬† my pal Brian, who is Alice Cooper’s guitar tech.

And then here’s me in my favourite T-shirt…

And here’s me on Halloween…

The “nice” side…

And the “evil” side…

And my take on Melbourne Cup Day. I dressed as a cowgirl…

And I’m the Nightmare Before Christmas…

And my most favourite snapshot of all with the master of shock rock himself Alice Cooper in 2009…
Say it with me: “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!”

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