Here it is! Hoverboards, flux capacitor, DeLorean and all!

The outtakes of the Christopher Lloyd interview. But first, school yourself with the original here:

Then read what didn’t make it in…

Can I call you Doc? Do people still call you Doc?
There’s no problem with calling me Doc [laughs]. If I walk into the airport and someone will yell out, ‘Hey Doc!”, I turn around.

Which do you prefer TV or movies?
I prefer films. There’s more freedom and the film tells one entire story. TV’s OK, I’m glad to work on TV, but I prefer to work on films when it’s available. When you accept to be in a pilot it’s a long commitment you have to sign up for, so you have to be really, really sure it’s something you can live with for five or six years.

Do you prefer playing good or evil characters?
I love them both. Most of the films I’ve done have been in the comic vein, but I approach it the same way, and that is to try to make the character whoever it is – comic or not – believable; a character that the audience can relate to in some way. That challenge is the same. I don’t like gearing myself towards one or the other. I get stereotyped because of the comic roles I’ve done, but I try to lean towards serious roles because I like to do those as well. You sort of have to go with the way the wind is blowing a little bit.

Would you ever write an autobiography?
I don’t know. Nothing yet. People have said that they liked the story. I’m not convinced that the public really needs that, but who knows? Well, we’ll see.

Which is your favourite: Doc Brown or Uncle Fester?
Back To The Future and Doc Brown was so special and means a lot to me. It opened up opportunities to do Uncle Fester, which was great. I grew up with Uncle Fester – the Addams Family was a weekly magazine that was always around. Uncle Fester was one of my very favourite characters of all time. Decades later, I got a call to be Uncle Fester in the movie. I was thrilled but I didn’t understand how that would work, because I don’t look like Uncle Fester – I’m kind of thin and have a long face. But then I saw what they did and I was thrilled to do a character that I connected with since I was 10 years old. Whatever character I’m doing at the time I am doing it is my favourite character. I guess Doc Brown would have to be the overall favourite.

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